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Can I smoke Skullcap?

Herbal Cigarettes DIY : Smoking Skullcap

Skullcap (Scutellaria) is a great herb to smoke and is commonly used as a supportive smokable herb as a replacement for tobacco or in herbal smoking blends like our PotPourri smoking blend. This smokable plant is nicotine-free, 100% legal and available in natural healing products either as a supplement or by itself.

Skullcap is still believed to offer many health benefits in traditional healing teachings, such as boosting heart health and helping with anxiety, although no studies support that smoking Skullcap is beneficial in any way to the human body or mind and is used in our herbal smoking blends strictly for it's aromatic purposes.

What is Skullcap?

The most common name for the Scutellaria herb is Skullcap, which happens to be a genus of flowering plants in the mint family. Its name is derived from the Latin word “scutella” which means “little dish” as the flowers from this plant have a dish-like shape. 

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Skullcap is a plant whose above-ground parts are often used to make medicine. It has been used to treat ailments such as insomnia, anxiety, strokes and paralysis caused by strokes.

It is extremely important to make sure that you are buying the correct skullcap products as the labels may not always be truthful. Species that are frequently substituted are the Western Skullcap, Southern Skullcap or Marsh Skullcap, and these can contain harmful chemicals. 

How does Skullcap work?

Skullcap may work to help prevent swelling as well as act as a sedative due to the chemicals in it that cause drowsiness. 

Benefits & Uses

There are many traditionally known benefits of Skullcap when ingested, but no studies currently prove any effect to be provided by this herb when smoked.

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Those benefits range from helping with anxiety and diarrhea to potentially helping with the heart’s health. Here are some of the supposed benefits we found through our research :

  • It may help to boost your mood
  • It may help to reduce anxiety 
  • It may help with anticonvulsant effects 
  • It may help with insomnia
  • It may help with with Neurodegenerative disease
  • It may help with heart health 
  • It may have antibacterial and antiviral effects: studies indicate that the Scutellaria Barbata has powerful antiviral and antibacterial effects good for patients with pneumonia.
  • It contains anti-inflammatory and anticancer compounds: the antioxidants in the Skullcap are thought to protect your cells from the damage caused by external forces.

The studies regarding the many benefits of Skullcap keep growing and expanding, making it a great thing to keep looking into for people looking to traditional healing solutions to their illnesses. 

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The Skullcap herb is also a great addition to herbal smoking blends as a supportive herb, providing a vibrant aroma and its small stem-like texture provides good burning properties that are sure to be of help to those who decide to use it as an alternative for tobacco in herbal cigarettes or as a rolling filler for their favorite herbs. 

Dosage of Skullcap

The right dosage for Skullcap can vary according to the patient's age, gender, underlying conditions and other factors. However, as this is a natural plant, you can trust that the dosage advised by your doctor should be enough for you to get the benefits you’re looking for.

When taken as herbal tea, as a supplement in capsules, or as a part of an herbal blend, Skullcap is a great plant and its benefits are something that more people should know about. Knowing which herbs can help with anxiety and insomnia is also a nice tip for those looking to treat their sleeping issues in a more natural and organic way. 

As part of herbal smoking blends, if you don't particularly enjoy the fragrance of Skullcap when smoked you may find that smoking Damiana or smoking Raspberry Leaf can also be right for you in our signature OG Herbal Smoking Blend and Zen Herbal Smoking Blend

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