Best Online Headshops of 2022 - Hand Picked Stoner Choices

If you’re asking yourself what are the best headshop websites, you’re in the right place! We’ve researched, contacted and tested a ton of online headshops and created a detailed list to save all your stoners out there valuable time and money.
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Best Online Headshops In 2022

If you’re asking yourself what are the best headshop websites, you’re in the right place! We’ve researched, contacted and tested a ton of online headshops and created a detailed list to save all your stoners out there valuable time and money.

What is an online headshop?

The term headshop relates to a store that sells products related to cannabis and tobacco consumption. Headshops were first introduced as retail stores specializing in selling various drug paraphernalia. From the 1960s onwards until very recently headshops were still taboo and operating in grey areas throughout Canada and the United States. Whilst you could count on your local headshop to carry the regular goodies to smoke your weed, from water pipes to rolling papers, headshops were also a meeting point for other counterculture items like psychedelic visual aids, incense and clothing / streetwear.

Of course, drugs themselves like cannabis were never a part of a headshop’s “official” inventory due to intense governmental scrutiny, although we can confidently say it was a good place to start your research for bud before the era of online headshops and dispensaries.

Even today with the advent of e-commerce and the proliferation of online headshops and smokeshops, federal and state laws often require creativity to skirt violations through sheer creativity, namely when shipping products through states where cannabis is still illegal.

For example, to create the impression their inventory glass pipes and water pipes decorating the shelves of their businesses were certainly not intended as drug paraphernalia, certain words were banned from use within the stores in order to reduce the risk of incrimination.

If you enjoy the brick & mortar experience of shopping and would like to see the smoking accessories before buying them, you can check out our list of local smokeshops and dispensaries from first-hand stoner accounts in major US and Canadian cities, and it’s constantly growing so keep an eye out!

If you’re looking to buy the best smoking accessories from the comfort of your home well you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading below for our list of the best online headshops you will be sure to love. 

Smoke Cartel 

Smoke Cartel is one of the best established and biggest online headshop that ships from the USA and part of the High Tide conglomerate of companies that also encompasses other huge online headshops and smokeshops like Grasscity, Canna Cabana, Daily High Club, Dankstop and Famous Brands only to name a few.

Smoke Cartel sells pretty much any type of smoking supplies and smoking accessories including bongs, glass pipes, water pipes, grinders, vaporizers, bangers, beakers and even CBD and hemp products, subscription boxes for cannabis enthusiasts, and much more, even weed themed dog accessories!

The price range at Smoke Cartel is very reasonable and highly competitive with other online smoking accessories companies of similar size as they keep their prices low due to their business model and their order volume even on some expensive pieces like percolators and dab tools.

The Smoke Cartel customer support is also outstanding and available 24/7 to answer all your queries in no time, guaranteeing top notch service. 

Their business model is a bit different than some other headshops in the US, as most of their products are using a headshop dropshipping model where they have limited inventory and the products you order come directly from the manufacturers. So don’t be surprised is if you buy smoking accessories on Smoke Cartel you might get separate packages for your glass bong and your rolling papers.

Note that if you are a business owner, Smoke Cartel also sells wholesale products from reputable brands like Puffco and Grav Labs to headshops both retail environments and online smokeshops.

Be sure to benefit from the great new product offers and their frequent discount codes applied at checkout that are provided in their newsletters, it reduces the hassle of finding the best products and always get you the best prices on the market!


Airvape is one of the best online headshop store for everything related to vaping, from dry herbs to oils and concentrates and of course vapes and e-cigarettes themselves.

Although Airvape doesn’t offer your typical smoking accessories like herb grinders, silicone bongs or rolling trays, they do offer high quality products at great prices and make their customers benefit from their logistics expertise with incredibly fast shipping.

We do want you to remember that most Airvape products pricing starts at over $100 because they use the latest technology and design for all their vaping gear.

Airvape ships all their dry herb products and vaping accessories from the USA, and if you have any questions you can contact their customer support for more information on their various vape products and how they can be a great alternative to the smoking experience before committing to a purchase. 

Davinci Vaporizer 

Honoring the great inventor of the same name and with the ambition of revolutionizing vaping since their inception in 2011, DaVinci Vaporizer is the #1 dry herb vaporizer technology, as stated by reputed industry publications like Forbes, Gizmodo, Esquire, and many others.

The unique approach of Davinci Vaporizers to dry herb vaping is observed in their IQ2, IQC and MIQRO line of products. The IQ2 vaporizer and IQC vaporizer both offering the option to vape extract or dry herb, whilst the MIQRO is justifiably lower priced at only 99$ because it only works for vaping dry herb (before discounts like their generous 10% off when you signup for their newsletter).

DaVinci ships all their vaping accessories from the USA and offer vaporizers, accessories, swag and more. The price range starts at over $99, and customer support is available at all times for you to benefit from. 

World Of Bongs 

As the name suggests, World of Bongs is the top place for you to purchase glass bongs, silicone bongs, hand pipes, dab rigs, and basically any other glass pieces that might make the average stoner incredibly happy.

The best part about World of Bongs product offer is their great price range, as you can get started from under $30 for their lowest cost smoking gear to overheating your credit card on curated unique handcrafted glass pieces from bong artisans throughout the US.

World of Bongs ships from the USA, and you can contact their customer service for any inquiry you might have through their website. 


BadassGlass is one the best online headshop that offers bubblers, dab rigs, grav bongs, quartz bangers, ash catchers, recyclers and all the usual rolling supplies you’re used to like rolling papers and filter tips.

Badass Glass ships from the USA and offers fast and free shipping to the USA and Canada. Their prices for smoking gear are affordable, they frequently launch new products for stoners and their customer support will help you with any query. 


Azarius is the a good online smokeshop that is a bit different from previous entries as it offers cannabis seeds, CBD, vaporizers, carb caps, e-rigs, percs, beaker bongs and a wide selection of other smoking accessories at affordable prices.

The price range varies from over $20 to a few hundred dollars, depending on what you want to purchase. You can also contact their support team for more information. 


LitRhino is a good online headshop based in Canada and USA. You can use it to shop dab rigs, vapes, bongs, and more. The pricing is affordable as they offer many discounts and coupons from time to time. 

All In One Smoke Shop 

All in One is ideal for dab rigs, bongs, hand pipes, grinders, glass accessories, rolling supplies, and more. Customer support is available 24/7 through call or email, and they claim to beat any price in the market. 


If you’re looking for the best headshop in California, CaliConnected has got you covered! This California-based online headshop offers an extensive collection of bubblers, hand pipes, bongs, dab rigs, dab nails, dry herb vaporizers, grinders, lighters, and much more.

Their price range varies from $15 to hundreds of dollars, depending on the smoking gear you select and is a great asset for West Coast stoners. Be sure to check them out to level up your smoking experience and keep an eye out for their new products by registering on their newsletter.  

Glass City USA 

Glass City USA is pretty self-explanatory and offers everything glass, such as bongs, dab rigs, glass pipes, water pipes and more accessories for smoking cannabis.

They ship from the USA, and their price range varies between products. You can also contact them on their website for more information. 

Final Words 

If you’re uncertain about looking elsewhere and want a 100% Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Headshop, check out Meo Marley’s carefully selected products and accessories for herb smokers.

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All products are free of CBD/THC/Nicotine and compliant with regulations in every country we ship to.