Julep Herbal Rolling Filler

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Product Description

Like Tonic is to Gin, but for your favorite legal herb(s)!
Our Julep blend is a combination of refreshing and invigorating herbs. From our selection of unique recipes, the Julep blend mellows out and complements all varieties of herbal products without masking or overpowering them.

Our Julep blend provides a subtle minty taste and an incredibly smooth burn making it a great addition to any type of legal herb.

Ingredients and product characteristics
Our handmade Julep herbal rolling filler blend is made of 4 natural smokable ingredients (lemon balm, sage, sweet mint and mullein).

Each ingredient in the Julep herbal rolling filler blend is passed through our unique stem filters and then ground to a perfect rolling and burning consistency.
The herbs are then mixed together in accordance with our Herb Master's signature recipe before being vacuum-packed in our reusable packaging!
    About our blends

    - Ground to perfection, simply add to your legal herb and roll!

    - Burns slowly and evenly.

    - Made from 100% natural premium ingredients.

    - Fluffy, stemless texture for an easy puncture-free rolling!

    - Smooth feel, subtle aroma and taste.

    - Contains no CBD / THC / nicotine or artificial flavours.

    ***All our packaging is reusable and either recyclable or biodegradable***.

    You can even make every order carbon neutral, from our warehouse to your door, in just one click with our integration of Ecocart's Carbon Offset!

    How to use

    Meo Marley's smokable herb blends can be smoked or vaporized on their own.

    They can also be used as a natural alternative to tobacco and/or mixed with the legal herb of your choice to control its intensity.

    Reducing your consumption and making big savings on your legal herb, without sacrificing the enjoyment of vaping or smoking, has never been easier!

    For more information on our other herbal blends, herbal cigarettes or their alternatives and their legality in your country, check out our smokable herbs informative blog posts!

    Misuse and restrictions
    Our products are not...
    • Therapeutic/active in any way.

    • Psychoactive herbs or an alternative to psychoactive herbs.

    • An alternative to cannabis / marijuana products, often called legal high.

    • Synthetic cannabinoids such as Kratom, K2, Spice, also commonly known as "Fake Weed". 

    • An alternative to smoking cessation aids or any form of quit smoking program.

    • Intended to be mixed with any legal or illegal drug.

    • Safe for people under 21, people with high-risk physical conditions (including, but not limited to, lung or heart conditions) and pregnant women. 

    • Good for your body. Any type of inhaled smoke is harmful to your health, see Surgeon General Warning.

    Beware of quacks! Any smokable herbs companies or vendors trying to sell you physical and/or mental health benefits are spreading false information that can mislead their customers and cause health risks.

    There is very little legitimate scientific research on the benefits or risks of herbal smoking/cigarettes, and those that have been done conclude that there are always dangers of inhaling smoke from combustion.

    No matter what type of weed is smoked, the harmful effects of tar and carbon monoxide far outweigh any other benefits that may result from their use.

    The exaggerated or false benefits frequently claimed by these companies, or individuals, include

    • Effects "on the mind" (stimulating, relaxing, calming, concentration, etc.)
    • Detoxifying" effects (lungs, blood system, internal organs)
    • Effects on internal organs (lung health, heart health, etc.)
    • Other effects (musculature, bone structure, skin, etc.)

    The best choice will always be to inhale smokefree legal herbal vaporizers. For more information on our research process or to send us relevant information, contact us at info@meomarleys.com.