Can I smoke Raspberry Leaf?

Can I smoke Raspberry Leaf?

Herbal Cigarettes DIY : Smoking Raspberry Leaf

You’ve probably heard about this nutritious plant that originated from Europe and parts of Asia. It has been known for centuries to be used to induce labor and help alleviate certain health problems. It is of course used in our flagship neutral flavored OG herbal smoking blend, but what else do you know about the Raspberry leaf? Keep reading to find out more! 

What is Raspberry Leaf?

From the famous Raspberry plant, known for its berries, the Raspberry leaf is a medicinal herb. Known for hundreds of years and used for many ailments including menstrual cramps and contraction pains during labour. The leaves contain antioxidants, potassium, and other beneficial compounds like magnesium, calcium, and other vitamins, such as Vitamins C and B. 

Smoking the plant has become increasingly popular as it is a great alternative to tobacco-filled cigarettes as it neutralizes nicotine poisoning.

How does Raspberry Leaf work? 

In common natural remedy situations, Raspberry leaves work by expanding blood vessels. Which increases blood flow and helps to reduce the stress on certain muscles in the pelvis, this helps to alleviate contractions, labor, and PMS.

Raspberry leaves are often recommended to people looking to leave tobacco behind and start the process of detoxication of nicotine. 

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What are the uses of Raspberry Leaf?

Some of the most common uses of this widely known herb in traditional healing methods are:

Induction of Labor

As a “natural” alternative to nicotine, Raspberry leaves are commonly used among nurses to help with labor when prepared with other herbs. However, complications associated with other herbal labor stimulants were reported including early labor, prolonged uterine contractions, nausea, and vomiting.

Premenstrual Syndrome

As mentioned, Raspberry leaves help the blood vessels ease, relaxing certain muscles in the pelvis that directly help with PMS. For that reason Raspberry leaves are considered to be woman’s best friend.

Tobacco Alternative

Raspberry leaf herbal cigarettes were introduced hundreds of years ago. There is even a historical account that the first herbal cigarettes were wrapped in red raspberry leaves.

Raspberry leaves do not contain nicotine so it can be used as an alternative for those who want to stop smoking.

As for smoking blends, there is no formal scientific data that Raspberry Leaf has any tangible benefit for the human body and we certainly don’t condone mixing it with other legal or illegal substances, but a lot of people are now recommending its use as a base in herbal mixes to help recreational cannabis users help reduce or better control their consumption, provide a chemical-free alternative to tobacco and dilute their marijuana to help control the effects and their budget. 

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Raspberry Leaf is used in our OG Herbal Smoking Blend to give it's nice texture and delicate aroma and flavor


What are the advantages of Raspberry Leaf in herbal smoking blends?

The main benefit of Raspberry Leaf in herbal smoking blends is that it offers a support flavor that rolls easily by taking volume and burns evenly and slowly to allow for a better smoking experience. It’s neutral aroma and taste allows for other herbs to take their space in the blends and does not detract from the experience the user is used to.

In low and even heavy dosages it produces no major side effects but we highly recommend any user consult a professional 

Raspberry Leaf in herbal smoking blends is also a great tobacco alternative for those looking to quit.


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