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What are your products for?

At Meo Marley's, we create and manufacture premium herbal blends made from carefully selected organic ingredients of the best quality.

Our blends can be smoked alone, mixed with your favorite herb(s) or even infused in hot water with some lemon & honey for a clean, smooth and flavorful experience!

We also carry a variety of ethically sourced practical and ecofriendly smoking accessories at competitive prices to minimize the negative impacts of smoking on consumers and the environment alike.

What makes your herbal blends special?

Our selection of natural herbal blends are designed to mimic the consistency of your favorite recreational herbs. They bring varying levels of aromatic flavors for an enjoyable rolling, smoking and sensory experience tailored to each user's preferences.

We do not transform any ingredients in our herbal smoking blends other than carefully removing all the stems that could puncture your paper during the rolling as well as grinding them to the ideal consistency to take up the right volume while rolling and have the perfect burning timings when lit.

Does your herbal blends procure any effects on the body or mind?

Our products are 100% food-grade and effect-free. There is no cannabis, no tobacco, no artificial flavorings nor any active compounds (including but not limited to CBD and THC) in any of our herbal blends or other products.

Whilst all of the organic herbs and aromatics we use in our products each have their own rich history and recommended uses in natural healing disciplines, we do not claim in any way that our products can have beneficial effects when smoked or ingested.

How are your products shipped?

We ship all our products in heavy-duty eco-friendly biodegradable mailers from our friends at Friendly Mailer.

We package orders in the regular or bubble mailers depending on the contents of the order to ensure no damage can occur during transport.

We offer regular and express shipping through Canada Post as well as Super-Express Delivery in under 3 days with DHL.

For all our shipping times, fees, returns or refund information, please consult our policies pages.

Do I need any permit to sell your products?

Meo Marley's does not require you to provide any type of document or permit to register for our Dropshipping Program.

Most States in the U.S. and Provinces in Canada do have regulations regarding the promotion of smoking and/or cannabis related accessories but our products do not require any type of license to be sold legally as they do not contain any active compounds like THC or CBD.

Of course, any product with the intent of smoking has to be sold to responsible adults and depending on your State or Province, you might need a valid business license.

For any inquiry relative to this subject, we would be glad to sent you relevant information for an informed business decision, feel free to reach out at and we'll contact you shortly!

Won't people see my products come from you?

No, unless you specifically ask us to. We offer Blind Shipping as the default option for all our Dropshippers, allowing for your customer to see only your business information on any package they receive and for you to keep their transactions in your store.

What if my order isn't delivered or is damaged?

Not all transporters are respectful of packages and Sh*t happens, we know. All our packages are tracked from our door to your customers door so we can see if it was delivered in time and properly. If the packet was lost or damaged in transit, we'll send your customer a new order, entirely free of charge for you. 

In the rare case that our algorithm flags "recurring offenders" who try to scam you by faking undelivered packages, we will notify you ahead of time so you can take the appropriate action for their account in your store.

Can you ship anywhere in the world?

In a few words, yes we can. 

In more than a few words, Dropshipping our products anywhere other than North America has increased delays and shipping fees relative to product value, reducing drastically the conversion rates. 

If you wish to sell our Meo Marley's products in other parts of the world, we are more than open to discuss business opportunities with you, feel free to send us an email at and we'll talk!

All products are shipped from our warehouse in montreal, canada

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