Hey there, bud!

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Official Title : Founding Partner & VP of Cuddles


My name is Meo, and I’m a little Frenchie who just LOVES to be part of my parents' adventures! From going hiking to starting a business, we do everything together!

I eat anything and everything! But I especially like going on a binge eating all the grass in the backyard, a weird preference I developed while working on mom's garden this summer. I've tasted all the different types of herbs imaginable with her. Aside from the downside of everybody in the area calling me "The Weedeater", I'm now an expert in all things herbs and I can smell from a mile when my Mom's recipes aren't perfect. 

I'm happiest when I'm surrounded by herbs!

You can now find my cute little face (and ridiculous costumes!) on our selection of specially catered organic herbal blends and unique eco-friendly accessories and smile every time you infuse your favorite herbs!

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Look at me mom I'm famous!

Follow me on Instagram at @meomarleys or on Facebook and you can talk to me anytime by sending me an email at info@meomarleys.com.