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Curated sustainable smoker accessories, premium essential supplies and all-natural herbal rolling fillers would be a great addition to your offer, wouldn't you think?


Looking to expand your brand's presence or product offer with your own sustainable accessories and supplies? Good news, most of our products have low minimum quantities and simple templates to add your own unique look!

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Whether you're in the cannabis or the tobacco wholesale industry, our sustainable smoking products are a great complement to offer your retailers as an added-value product in an up-and-coming trendy category. 

Our factory-direct wholesale pricing structure requires no minimum orders and our fulfillment delays are the quickest in the industry with products shipping from the Meo Marley's warehouse nearest to you in Canada, the U.S. and Europe.

Start selling to your b2b clients before committing to a significant order and benefit from our generous margins, without any of the risk.

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Herbal Rolling Fillers are a great complement to rolling papers or filter tips and offer the opportunity to get your brand in front of your clients every single time they roll up if you opt-in for our customized labeling offer.

We also offer our partner stores the full wholesale pricing structure to get our products shipped directly from us to them, and cut out the middle man without requiring minimum quantities.

Whether you're a headshop, smokeshop or legal herb dispensary, Meo Marley's Herbal Blends will get customers coming back to your store and increase average order value.

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Own or operate an online headshop, online smokeshop or smoking accessories brand? 

Do you you offer monthly cannabis boxes with accessories and supplies for Tokers?

Whether you hold physical inventory or use a dropshipping model, we can support you and we'd love to get in touch!

We provide full warehousing and fulfillment logistics to simplify order processing based on your amount of orders and simplify your inventory management. 

Have a unforeseen jump in orders or subscriptions? No worries, we can send out products with the quickest turnover time in the industry!

Our tech team can also integrate a wide array of automation tools to simplify the management of your business.

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Own or operate a marketing agency in the cannabis industry and looking for some innovative ways to promote your client's products or services?

Well look no further! Our team LOVES to get hands-on with creative projects from product design to experiential marketing. 

Check out our fully customizable cannabis-friendly mobile event platform that has its own rolling lounge, drive-in movie and mobile bar that can host up to 300 people and be shipped anywhere in North America!

Get in touch to start your creative project today! 

Getting more and more demand for customizable smoking accessories? 

Want to expand your catalogue to an up-and-coming market and offer your clients high quality custom smoking products with much faster turnover than the Chinese-made equivalents?

We'd be glad to discuss your objectives and find out how we can work together.

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