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Get full access to the best Canadian headshop supplies for wholesale or retail with innovative, sustainable & ethically sourced smoking products and smoking accessories for smoke shops, vape shops or dispensaries.

Custom Labeling

Develop your own brand of eco-friendly products like customized rolling papers, customized herbal smoking blends and other customized head shop supplies at no additional cost and significantly increase your brand recognition.

Risk-free Growth

Factory-direct prices for all our smoke shop supplies with low minimum order thresholds and generous economies of scale. And free shipping on most of our low-cost smoke shop supplies and head shop accessories!


Make the process stress-free and effortless with our team who takes care of all the packaging requirements for you to sell your products legally under federal and provincial or state laws anywhere entirely free of charge! 

Customized Herbal Smoking Blends for Wholesale

Expand your brand recognition by having your customer see your logo when they roll.
Every. Single. Time.

Our premium customizable herbal smoking blends are an all-natural alternative to tobacco as a rolling filler and come in a variety of recipes. Each herbal blend has a different intensity and is uniquely designed to offer the best smoking experience on their own for herbal cigarettes or mixed with the users' favorite herb or product.

From rolling to puffing, each Meo Marley's herbal smoking mix has its own set of characteristics designed to complement or compensate a variety of smokable herbs characteristics based on each user's tastes and preferences when smoking or vaping.

  • Made from 100% de-stemmed Smokable Herbs

  • Available in a variety of formats (3.5g / 7g / 14g / 28g)

  • 100% CBD, THC, Nicotine and Artificial Flavorings Free

  • All packaging is reusable and recyclable or biodegradable

  • Highly Scalable Volume Profit Margin Structure

  • Multiple payment methods and flexible financing terms available

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Visit our product pages for detailed information on each product to determine what's right for your store!

Already had the chance to review our products online? Send us an email at sales@meomarleys.com and get rolling!

Herbal Smoking Blends

Hemp Pulp Products

Eco-friendly smoking accessories

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Wholesale FAQ

Still have questions after reading our FAQ? No problem!
Call us at (833) 616-1010 or email us at sales@meomarleys.com

Are your products legal to resell?

Yes! Our products do not contain any trace of CBD/THC/Nicotine and can be legally sold to adults in Canada and the U.S. under the Herbal Cigarettes category guidelines.

Our production facilities and processes are compliant with current Health Canada & FDA regulations and all our packaging respects the necessary guidelines as well.

Every production batch is carefully identified with its batch number and expiration date on a discreet label on the side of the packaging. In the case of a product recall, we can trace every single unit back to the purchaser and efficiently comply with the necessary health regulations.

What kind of customization is available?

We offer a wide variety of customization options for all the products in our wholesale catalog, be it our signature herbal smoking blends, our hemp pulp products including rolling papers and pre-cut filter cards and even our eco friendly smoking accessories! 

Our team works hand in hand with your product manager, graphic designer and compliance team with simple guidelines to make product development as low-cost and efficient as possible.

Can you help me launch my brand?

Of course, your success is also ours!

We offer a wide selection of marketing assets to hit the ground running and generate profit quickly for your business, no matter what your business model is. From high quality product photos that you can photoshop your own label on, to lifestyle content and of course detailed product descriptions, you'll only need minimal work to start selling your own line of herbal smoking blends and eco friendly smoking accessories!

Are there any restrictions to reselling your products?

At Meo Marley's we are committed to an honest and sustainable business model and hold our resellers to the same golden standard as we do. 

As such, the only restrictions we enforce on our customers is relative to the marketing of the products. We do not allow our resellers of advertising our products as a "healthy" product, as anything smoked is by definition bad for the body in some way or another, no matter what the content may be. This also applies to any "health or enhancing benefits" that most other herbal smoking blend companies advertise like dishonest snake oil salesmen. 

To be clear, our products do offer a variety of significant advantages to the average recreative smoker from saving money on expensive herbs to minimizing the harshness of some smokable herbs. The individual herbs used in our recipes also carry a rich history in natural healing in many cultures. That being said, through our years of research we have not found any tangible nor sufficient peer-reviewed scientific evidence that smoking herbs can provide any benefit to the body or mind.

For any questions regarding our position on this matter, please refer to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission Judgment on Alternative Cigarettes LLC of April 2000.

How do I store your products?

We recommend storing our products between 10 and 25 Celsius in a dry environment. Although every package is individually sealed, the oxo-biodegradable plastic shrink wrap we use to seal them can be damaged by extreme temperatures and very humid environment.

If any of your products are damaged, contact us at sales@meomarleys.com and we will address the issue quickly.

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