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EZ-Roll Machine

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New to rolling or need a little help getting the perfect roll every time with no skill required? 

Our EZ-Roll Machine by OCB has you covered and will let you enjoy smoking your favorite dry herb in its most perfect and symmetric form, without all the hassle of hand rolling.

Made out of wood composite, this light and durable automatic roller can be used anywhere and offers the simplest rolling experience on the market. Simply put your rolling paper and filter inside, sprinkle your favorite ground legal herb, have a quick lick and roll!

It even works with rolling papers of all sizes, including 1 1/4 and KingSize!

For the best combination, try rolling with one of our signature herbal smoking blends and our KEB premium eco-friendly rolling papers.

Legal Worldwide

All products are free of CBD/THC/Nicotine and compliant with regulations in every country we ship to.