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Meo Marley's Herbal Blends

Genius Pipe Multifunctional

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$99.00 CAD
The Genius smoking pipe is a 3-piece magnetic sliding handpipe and the amazing result of over 20 years of experimentation in the field of fluid dynamics. The Genius pipe is slim, discreet, and fits easily into any pocket or handbag but is also durable enough to last you a lifetime.

The Genius pipe uses an innovative "dimple" technology in its interior, akin to the surface of a golf ball, in order to effectively halt resin before the smoke even reaches your mouth. This level of filtration is on par with even the most sophisticated water pipe and offers the smoothest smoking experience you could dream of.

Done are the days of all the hassle that comes with cleaning your smoking pipe, as the Genius Pipe technology is easy to maintain and allows quick and effective cleaning without requiring specialized tools or products. 

Meo Marley's is excited to offer Genius Pipe in a multitude of colors, and offer all its customers the best and latest in smoking technology and design.