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Julep Herbal Rolling Filler

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Product Description

Like Tonic is to Gin, but for your favorite herb(s)!

The Meo Marley's Julep Blend is our vibrant and fresh herbal smoking blend meant to enhance any herbal aromatic profile without overwhelming it.

The Julep Rolling Filler is our most savory herbal blend providing a subtle minty aftertaste and an awesomely smooth burning sensation making it a great complement to any type of legal herb.

You can even offset the exact carbon emissions for the shipping to your destination at checkout with a single click using our integration of Ecocart's Carbon Offset!

Does not contain any THC/CBD/Nicotine/Flavoring

Product features
  • Pre-ground to perfection, just add it to your mix !
  • Made of 100% organic ingredients
  • Stem-free fluffy texture 
  • Subtle mint aftertaste
  • Does not contain any THC/CBD/Nicotine/Flavoring
Ingredients & Process

Our Julep Blend is a hand-crafted herbal rolling filler consisting of 4 natural ingredients (Lemon Balm, Sage, Mullein, Sweet Mint), each with a long history of uses in traditional healing culture & naturopathy all over the world. We then grind each individual dried ingredient to the perfect consistency and assemble them following our Master Blender’s signature mix, before packaging them in vacuum sealed ecofriendly packaging and sending them your way!

You can consult detailed information on our website about what herbs are smokable and the legal status of herbal smoking blends in your country

What our products are not
  • Therapeutic in any effect or intent directly or indirectly whatsoever.
  • Psychoactive plants or alternatives to psychoactive plants.
  • Cannabis alternatives, marijuana alternatives, often called legal high or herbal smoke.
  • Synthetic Cannabinoids like Kratom, K2 or Spice commonly called Fake Weed.
  • Tobacco cessation therapy or any type of quit smoking cigarettes program.
  • Meant to be mixed with any legal or illegal drug.
  • Safe to use for people under 18 years old, pregnant or with any health condition where smoking may be risky.
  • Good for your body (any type of smoking is bad mmmkay, see Surgeon General Warning's).
  • 100% Natural

    Each herbal blend is made from premium smokable flowers and herbs sourced from the finest organic ingredients available.

    There are no active compound like CBD, THC nor Nicotine, making it ideal as a rolling filler.

  • Ready To Roll

    All of our smokable herbs and flowers go through a rigorous de-stemming process so it doesn't pierce the paper when rolled.

    Each herb is then ground to the perfect size & consistency just add some before rolling and enjoy the slow, equal burn.

  • Blazing Fast

    All our orders are fulfilled the next-day and shipped anywhere on the planet in discreet eco-friendly packaging.

    With some of the quickest delays on the market due to our partnership with a wide variety of shipping companies, you'll enjoy a good smoke in no time!