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Meo Marley's Herbal Blends

Wooden Grinder

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Tired of cleaning your metal grinders because they get too sticky too fast? Unimpressed with the cheap herb grinder you bought that always gets stuck after a few rolls? Scared of plastic grinders that can make you inhale microplastics particles?

Worry no more, we got you covered with this innovative 2.5" diameter 100% wood grinder.

Get the perfect grind every time, in a sustainable material and the great sleek look expected of Meo Marley's products. Guaranteed to make all your best buds ask you where you got it!

Pssssst... all of Meo Marley's herbal smoking blends are already de-stemmed and pre-ground to the perfect consistency for rolling, so this grinder is just for your other favorite herb.

Legal Worldwide

All products are free of CBD/THC/Nicotine and compliant with regulations in every country we ship to.