herbal smoking blend trio product meo marley
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herbal smoking blend trio product meo marley
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Control the active effects of your favorite legal herb no matter if you've got work to do or you're hanging out with your best buds.

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Make it tasty.


Complement or enhance the taste and aroma of your favorite strain. Each blend has a different aromatic profile and intensity, specifically curated to fit each type of recreational smoker.

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Benefit from our proprietary de-stemming and pre-grinding process. Roll easily and savour your Legal Herbs with a slow and equal burning, now that's #lit!

Sustainability first

Ecofriendly materials designed and manufactured in Canada and plastic-free packaging and shipping.


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There are numerous smokable herbs books and websites that talk about alternatives to tobacco, with the better known smokable botanicals you might've heard of being Mullein, Damiana, Passionflower and even Mint!

You can either browse our informative blog about herbs for smoking or download our smokable herbs e-book!

Although some companies in our industry claim that herbal smoking blends are safer and healthier, it is very important to note that the act of smoking is inherently bad for the human body.

What is certain though, is that by switching from tobacco to smokable botanicals, there is no absolutely no nicotine content that can create dependencies, so that's already a big win!

Find out more about smokable herbs and benefits here!

Herbal cigarettes made from legal smokable herbs are a great nicotine-free alternative to cigarettes and offer various levels of intensities, from very smooth smokes to a light smoker and even to a medium smoke.

Contrary to the legality of cannabis products, our smokable herb blends for sale on this website contain no psychoactive or hallucinogenic and are conditioned according to the most precise health regulations according to FDA and Health Canada guidelines.

Learn how to create your own herbal smoking blend recipeand roll your herbal cigarettes easily by following our extensive guide!

You can buy a variety of smokable botanicals individually at your local herbalist or mixed herbs for smoking on various online headshops like ours.

But be careful before buying smokable herbs as the freshness, dryness and sourcing can vary from one place to the next.

To purchase herbal smoking blends reliably, you're better off buying one of our Meo Marley's well-balanced recipe to start your journey.

There are A TON of herbal blend recipes that various people have created by mixing smokable herbs, flowers and even roots!

The concept is simple; you want your herbal blend recipe to have a base ingredient that doesn't taste much but offers a good texture for an easy roll. We like to use MulleinDamiana or Sage as our base herbs.

You then want to add a smokable herb or flower that has a more consistent texture so that your herbal cigarettes burn slowly and most importantly, equally on all sides, like MugwortHops and even Catnip!

Finally, you can choose an aromatic herb for smoking that pairs with your main terpenes flavor profile. You can choose to complement it, mask it or enhance it. You can smoke lavenderrose petalsthyme and even rosemary to spice up the flavor of your own smokable herb blend!

You can either buy prerolled herbal cigarettes online or save even more money by buying herbal smoking blends and rolling them yourselves.

If you don't know how to roll, check out our accessories or helpful guides about rolling your own herbal cigarettes!