All our herbal blends are made of 100% natural food-grade smokable flowers and herbs that are free of any regulated compound, including THC, CBD, Nicotine and Artificial Flavourings.


    Our smokable herb selection is designed to address every smoker's unique preferences. Discover our recipes tailored for each type of smoker, even if you like smoking pure or mixed with tobacco.


    Some legal smokable herbs can get really expensive if smoked pure.
    Roll bigger, easier and cheaper with our 100% natural, de-stemmed and pre-ground herbal blends.


    All our orders are fulfilled within 24 hours, and our strategic partnerships with shipping carriers means you get your packages quickly, without paying ridiculous shipping fees, anywhere in the world. Learn more here

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Late-night smoke session, you run out of papers, get dressed back up to run to the convenience store and it's closed.
Seem familiar?
Create your own automatic Meo Marley's Re-Up and get all your sustainable smoking supplies delivered directly to your door, every month, and never go to the convenience store again.

Our subscription system is user-friendly, offers generous discounts on most products, has no pre-approved transaction and allows you to modify or cancel at any time.

Simply choose the "Subscribe" option on the product pages to add premium rolling papers, filter tips and your favorite herbal rolling fillers with your Re-Up schedule and checkout like normal.

It's that simple.